s anyone going to the Pumpkins show in Normal?? I am looking for someone to ride with to the show? Either in my car or in yours?? I am meeting three of my friends from Chicago there and don't really like driving at night alone. Does anyone want to go with me or whatever. I am not a creep and we can listen to good music. I used to live in Allen Hall and I am Art student.

CHEAP summer sublet

Need a place to stay in Urbana over the summer? I'm currently subletting a super cheap sublet in Urbana right off Green street, about two blocks from campus from mid-May through Aug. 18. Rent is only $330/mo. + utilities. Apartment is a Victorian-style sublet. 1-2 rooms are available to share with 2 other girls [so, we'd prefer a female, though open to males as well]. Room is furnished with full bed, desk and dresser.

Extra ammenities
-in-unit FREE washer/dryer
-central a/c
-ceiling fans in every room
-FREE parking
-FREE 1 month rent
-shaded balcony

Email cafisher@uiuc.edu for more info!
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to all of you who waited til the last second to get them for this semester. really cheap too! and i need the money so if you need the books then it works out for all right?

Sociology Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life by Newman 5th edition
CLICK! $2.00

A History of Western Society by Buckler, Hill, McKay 7th Edition
CLICK $1.00

This Bridge Called My Back by Moraga and Anzaldua 2nd Edition
CLICK $1.00

Women's Lives: Multicultural Perspective by Kirk and Okazawa-Rey 3rd Edition </b>
CLICK $1.00
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Say, does anyone in Allen happen to have a copy of "A Beautiful Mind" on DVD? I need to see it for Psych 238 homework and it's not in at either Rentertainment or the Undergrad Library. If I could borrow it from someone for the weekend I would be super grateful. Thank you!


Greetings all. I'm working on a paper on how rumors get spread and I'm looking for campus-related information.


Have you heard of rumors on campus that you'd like know are true or false?

Anything from stories about buildings, construction, and new campus facilitiies, to payoffs and scandals, to mysterious deaths. Burning questions about your University that you're dying to know.

Post them here. I'll post the truths when I find them.
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Green Party Teach-In

Interested in learning about the alternatives to the Republicans and Democrats? Curious about the Green Party but not sure if it's for you. Then come to the Green Party Teach-In at Allen Hall! Monday, February 27th at 7pm in the South Rec Room the Campus Greens will be hosting a presentation on the Green Party. This presentation will include the values of the Green Party, key issues, its history, and information on other third parties. There will be snacks!

Green Party Teach-In
Monday February 27th
Allen Hall South Rec Room